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Oh dear, every few weeks I get this thud in the back of my head to get back posting. I don’t have excuses and I should be committed to my studies but life has overtaken me. My wife and I decided to buy a house which we found and have moved into. Now I’ve become a DIYer and Lumberjack of sorts. Seriously our “garden” is a jungle, I honestly thought Tarzan was living out there. Our house needs a lot of love and it’s been taking up our spare time but it is fun for the most part. We’ve also introduced a new member to the family, a chocolate coloured border collie who has become best friends with our other dog. On top of all of this, work of late has been extremely busy, it has been a mammoth task keeping up with projects and service tickets. I’m swamped and tired but I’m enjoying the variety of work and the challenges they’re bringing.

With all this going on I stopped my study schedule mid-November and I had planned to get back to it as I’m sure many people do but yeah I’ve honestly hadn’t had the time. In the last few weeks the DIY work at home has settled a little so I started planning my study schedule but then Cisco finally released the new CCIE Wireless exam. I haven’t sat the CCIE written exam so I’ve decided that I’ll wait until the new CCIE written is ready before I make an attempt.

Why? Well when I read over the content I was really really excited but after the excitement I was daunted by the extra content they’ve added. I’m not complaining as the content is awesome and very relevant to the Cisco work I do. I also have the opportunity to use the majority of the equipment regularly so I’m really looking forward to spending time working through the topics that the new exam covers.

Were does this leave me right now? Well I’ve decided not to get back to hard study until late May. Until this time I will be working on sorting out my study room and kitting it out so I can study effectively.
Another top priority is to starting posting more so I’m going to be posting about tech projects I’ve worked on so that I can get into the flow of posting regularly.

Well I’m off to do some website maintenance, I’ll be back soon!

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