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So I’ve explained what my requirements are and my hardware setup. We’ve also successfully setup the Jail manager on our NAS4Free but now we need to configure the Jail manager TheBrig so that we can install the media server.

This is pretty simple, we just need a persistent location where we can store TheBrig files and Jails. We also need to add some config into TheBrig. So here what we need to do.
SSH to your NAS4Free box and create a new folder for the TheBrig.
mkdir /mnt/yourstore/pathtothebrig/
(just substitute the path you where ever you want to save your Jails)
Open up a web browser and login onto your NAS4Free box, click the extension tab and then click TheBrig.
TheBrig dashboard will open, from there click the Maintenance tab and then click ‘Rudimentary Config’. Under Basic Settings there is an Installation folder where you put the path of the folder we created earlier.
TheBrigBasicConfig In order to create a Jail we need to use the FreeBSD base. To download this we go to the ‘Tarball Management’ and click the ‘Query’ button under the ‘Remote Tarballs’. This will give you a list of txz files of which we are interested in the file ending in -base.txz.
While downloading the file, the progress of the file download will show up under the ‘Active Downloads’ section and then under the ‘Existing Tarballs’ when the download is complete. Depending on your internet speed the download of this file will take a few minutes.
TheBrigBasicConfig1 So now that we’ve our FreeBSD base we can start creating Jails. From where we clicked the ‘Maintenance’ tab there’s a ‘Current Jails’ tab on its left. Click on the ‘Current Jails’ tab and TheBrig Jail dashboard will appear. In the screenshot below I already have a Jail running but you wont see anything in the Jails section. We need to click the plus symbol which will open a new page to create a new Jail.
TheBrigBasicSetup There are a few things that need to configured. Firstly we give the Jail a name and an IP address both of these parameters are highlighted below. For simplicity keep the Jail IP within the same subnet as your home network.
TheBrigBasicSetup1 The next section of interest is the ‘Mounts’, under here I always tick the box to ‘Enable mount devfs’ which allows us to run most of the system rc.d scripts. I’ve also highlighted the ‘Fstab’ which we will use to point to the directories that we want our media server to share. We won’t configure this just yet so lets move onto the last section.
TheBrigBasicSetup2 In the ‘Installation Source’ we will select ‘From Archive’ as the ‘Jail Source’ and then ticket the base.txz file we downloed earlier. Last but not least we click the ‘Save’ button which will return us to the Jail dashboard.
TheBrigBasicSetup3 It’s very mechanical stuff but really easy to configure and now we’ve a new Jail, Happy Days! By the way if you get stuck, drop me a line.

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